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Twenty20 Vision Lens Technology - comes with 5 lenses

Reflective Lens

Ideal for traditional red ball cricket in the harsh Australian sun, this lens is your traditional sunglass lens, taking the brightness out of the conditions allowing you to have great clarity of sight.

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Polarized Lens

A true all rounder, polarized lenses have been used for a long time now and are extremely popular in the bright sun. The polarized lens can be used in all day time formats and conditions but we recommend it for white ball games as it provides the best clarity. You can even wear it on the golf course

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Blue Lens

This lens is a great extra for cricketers. Ideal of overcast days, it provides great clarity and protection from the sun. Use it for any format on a cloudy day.

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Light Enhancing Yellow Lens

The light enhancing lens is perfect for day night cricket. When the sun is going down it’s ideal for the darker/ transition period of the game when the lights take over. It’s also great under the lights for those high catches hit up into the sky.

This lens provides great clarity and you certainly notice the increase in brightness when putting it on.

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Clear Lens

This lens is perfect for that windy or rainy overcast day to protect the eyes. When you want to keep the wind out of your eyes but it’s not dark enough for sunglasses, this is the perfect lens to wear.
Also great for bike riding and on the golf course.

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Our Quality Guarantee

Twenty20 Vision takes great pride in the quality of its products. To support this guarantee we will replace any pair of sunglasses, no questions asked, upon return of the original pair along with proof of purchase to our head office.

This guarantee is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.


Twenty20 Vision sunglasses are extremely comfortable and I love that they come with 5 different lenses. I would recommend them highly for players at any level.

Jake Weatherald

I have never been a player who wears sunglasses out in the field until I came across the Twenty20 Vision All-Rounders. The quality of the lense is epic and they are comfortable to wear.

They also look great!

Wes Agar