Twenty20 Vision - Lenses

Each pair of Twenty20 Sunglasses contains 5 different lenses, ensuring any cricketer is able to perform at their best regardless of the weather conditions or the colour of the cricket ball. 

Reflective Lens

This lens is your traditional sunglass lens. It reflects light and offers optimal colour contrast allowing you to have great clear and crisp sight.

 Polarized Lens

The supreme choice for use on a bright sunny day. This lens offers the best clarity for white ball cricket as it helps reduce glare and enhances vision.


Blue Lens

This lens is a great "extra" for cricketers. The blue lens is ideal for cloudy days as it improves colour contrast. 


Light Enhancing Yellow Lens

This light enhancing lens is perfect for the transition period of the game when the lights are beginning to take effect. It is also ideal for those high catches at night. The increase in brightness is certainly noticeable. 


Clear Lens

Ideal protection from the wind when a tinted lens is not required. Very popular among cyclists.


Which Lens should I Wear?







Sunny day - red ball






Sunny day  - white ball


















Windy, rainy