About Us

Search Cricket Sunglasses and you will see brands telling you that they have the perfect product for you, telling you they will help you score and are built for you... The truth is they don't and they actually have no clue what they are talking about... This is the very reason why we exist... Sunglasses by Cricketers, for Cricketers. 

We know what us Cricketers want, what Cricketers like and most importantly, what Cricketers need when we play Cricket. We understand the value and importance of having crisp vision whilst fielding, the essential elements of true comfort and sun protection during summer for those long hours whilst fielding. 

Twenty20 Vision Cricket Sunglasses are the best Cricket Sunglasses on the market with lens technology designed to enhance your vision and make fielding in particular, as easy as possible. Twenty20 Vision Cricket Sunnies are also designed to look good whilst being affordable and not sacrificing on comfort. 

Glenn Maxwell and some of the biggest names in the sport trust Twenty20 Vision Cricket Sunglasses and rely on them to help them perform as best as possible.  

By Cricketers, for Cricketers is our catchy brand slogan but if we are completely honest with you, it's more our belief and our standpoint that all Cricketers need to be taken care of and looked after whilst playing our favourite sport in the world!